Write ABC and 123

Kids Learner app educates kids, as young as 3 year old, to learn writing alphabets(ABC, abc), numbers (123) and English words in an entertaining as well as interactive way.

We have taken care of all the proper writing steps. Each word has few steps and kids have to follow them in order to put the correct letters. If a mistake is made, a buzz will be played to keep the child on the right path. To make it more interesting, your kids have to grab hungry bug with their finger, move along the path to take foods and letters will be drawn.

Animated letters, words and sounds will keep your children engaged for hours in this learning activity which involves writing, correcting and speaking different letters and words. The application is totally free, and following are a few key features:

You can download it form here AppStore and PlayStore

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  • Letter Writing Screen
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  • Alphabets Writing Screen
  • Alphabets Writing Screen
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  • Alphabets Writing Screen
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