About Ali Raza

Thanks for visiting my Portfolio.

I am expert in iPhone,iPad Applications Development.

3+ years of sound professional experience in developing native iOS applications.

Good knowledge and hands on experience in the following areas of iOS Application Development.

• ObjectiveC / Cocoa Touch Programming using UIKit

• Xcode 3.x/4.x with iOS 3.x/4.x and iOS 5.

• Interface Builder for UI Designing

• Dynamic Systems using self Design without IB.

• Handle Web Services using JSON Parser, NSXML Parser and TouchXML

• Communication with Web sites using JSON and SOAP

• Data Persistance (Setting Preferences/pLists/SQLite 3.0/Core Data)

• Camera Imagery / Photo Library

• MapKit (Google Maps) / Location API

• Google API for Analytics.

• Face Book API for Authentication,Wall Posts,Sharing,comments etc.

• Audio/Video ( AVFoundation & MPMoviePlayerController & Video Play back).

• UITabBar and UINavigationBar.

• Core locations and GPS.

• Sending In app Email MFMailComposeViewController.

• InApp Purchase.

• Apple Push Notifications.

• Worked on almost all basic controls UiButtons, UITouch,

• UIImage, UILables, UISegmentedView

• UIPickerView, UITextView, UITextField

• UITableViewController etc

• UIView Animations,CATransition,3D Animations.

• Experience in Game Development and much more.

• Barcode Scanning using API's

Cocos2D-X Deveopment

I also have a good knowledge of cocos2d-x and develop some games too.

Personality Traits

• Committed, Dedicated and Self Motivated Professional.

• Willing to meet challenging deadlines under tight schedules.

• A good team player.

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